Server Room Air Conditioning In Berkshire

Aircon Services were recently approached to find a more efficient cooling solution for the Main Data Room at ‘Travelport’ Head Office, Langley, Berkshire.

Their data room was being cooled using 3No. Liebert L99UA down flow close control computer room units and their corresponding Leibert HBE99 air cooled condensing units offering a combined Sensible cooling capacity of 255kW spread over 6No refrigerant circuits. The condensing units were located within a purpose built compound at ground level but across a service road. With the interconnecting refrigeration pipe work running through a trench below this service road. Over time the condensing units had become badly corroded resulting in inefficiency through lack of heat transfer. A new solution was required.
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Air Conditioning Installation In London At The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

Aircon Services were approached to find a suitable solution to provide a comfort cooling & heating to the Great Hall at The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries a Grade 1 Listed building located within the heart of the City of London.

The Problem

Air conditioning installation in London with survey and designThe Great Hall dates back to 1671 when it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London and is lined with Irish Oak panelling of the same age. Therefore great care & consideration was needed so as not to damage or spoil the fabric of the room whilst discreetly providing sufficient cooling & heating for seminars and meetings.
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Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

“Aircon Services improved staff morale, and delivered cost effective Cooling.”

Graham Dumbleton, Martin-Baker


Martin-Baker Case Study

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company were experiencing temperatures of up to 40deg; Centigrade in various buildings at their Denham manufacturing site, and were also looking to improve their electrical efficiency. The company has a 22 acre site, making ejection seats and aviator survival equipment.

We were asked to cool various departments such as Auto Anodising, None Destructive Tests (NDT), the Kitchen (43deg; Centigrade), Sewing Room, Parachute Packing and Offices. All the departments required different approaches for the provision of ‘Cooled’ air.

We installed Evaporative Cooling and Extraction systems. This generated 100% fresh, filtered air, healthier working conditions and around 80% savings on conventional air conditioning. We fitted each department with a different air supply, with simple Ducts, specialized Plenums, Polymer Grilles, and bespoke Ventilation Socks.

All departments were cooled to around 21° Centigrade, including the Kitchen. The Ventilation ‘Socks’ provided cooled air virtually draft free.

Aircon Service’s Evaporative Cooling systems improved staff morale. It’s been very cost effective and should be expanded into other areas.

Graham Dumbleton, Site Manager at Martin-Baker

Water Chiller Installation

Aircon Services has replaced the existing R22 water chiller in the Rodney Porter Building on the Oxford University Campus with a Daikin air cooled EWAQ150DAYN.

On Friday the redundant unit was de-commissioned and the R22 refrigerant reclaimed for safe disposal, the chilled water pipe work was disconnected, along with the mains power supply.

On Monday morning 07:00 the crane arrived to install the new chiller, due to the position of the unit and the surrounding buildings we had to employ the services of a specialist lifting company and a mobile tower crane, the old unit was safely lifted from its base and the new Daikin unit installed.

On Tuesday through to Thursday the pipe work was altered to suit the new layout and welded in situ using our own pipe fitters.

On Friday the system was then flushed and pressure tested and refilled with a mixture of water and inhibiter.

The following Monday the power supply was altered to suit the new layout and an external isolator fitted adjacent to the machine, this was then connected to the chiller and tested to current regulations.

On Tuesday once all the mechanical and electrical works had been completed the chiller was commissioned by the supplier Space Air Ltd.

The chiller was de-commissioned on a Friday and up and running by Tuesday the following week.

Foxprint Services Commercial Printers

“Aircon Services provided a far better environment for our staff especially in the summer months.”

Simon, Jupp, Foxprint Services


24-hour commercial printers Foxprint Services were having difficulties operating at temperatures of up to 26 degrees; centigrade in their 4,000 square foot Pressing Hall. Paper and ink were becoming unstable and staff were uncomfortable.

We were asked to lower temperature and improve moisture control in the Press Hall, while keeping cost and energy consumption to a minimum”

We installed a single Breezair Evaporative Cooling system. It drives 100% fresh, filtered and water-washed air, throughout the workspace, driving the hotter, drier air out of the building. We fitted simple Ducts, and just 8 specialized Plenums.

The 4,000 square foot workspace reduced to 21 degrees centigrade evenly, and the quality of print and ink increased significantly. Staff comfort levels rose too.

Aircon Service’s Breezair systems improved print stability and production quality and was less expensive than air conditioning.

Simon, Jupp, Production Director at Foxprint Services

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company – North Block

“Aircon Services systems have improved the temperature control within these rooms and saved a considerable amount of money in running costs.”;

Graham Dumbleton, Martin-Baker

North Block at Martin Baker Aircraft Chalgrove had been served by an existing LPHW system fed from an electric immersion heater running 24hr a day to maintain room conditions at 21°C, The company was concerned with the annual running costs and wished to substantially reduce them.

We were tasked to design a system that would provide heating and cooling controlled to 21°C and reduce the annual electricity consumption dramatically.

As there where multiple rooms we decided the best solution would be the installation of a Daikin VRV system with inverter technology, coupled to a ducted indoor unit to each room.

On completion the old emersion system was isolated to these rooms and the new VRV system initiated, the rooms now maintained temperature at 21°C throughout the whole year as they now have the added benefit of cooling during the summer months.

Aircon Services installed Daikin VRV systems which have improved the temperature control within these rooms and saved a considerable amount of money in running costs, despite the additional cooling load.

Graham Dumbleton, Property Manager at Martin-Baker Aircraft

Oxford University

“The installation was completed within one month on budget and to schedule.”

Oxford University

We were approached by Oxford University to replace an existing 400Kw Carrier water chiller in one of the campus buildings that had reached the end of its economical life cycle.

The building has a 24hour year round requirement for cooling and we had to come up with a way of maintaining cooling whilst the chiller was replaced.

This was achieved by the installation of a temporary water chiller and pump set mounted externally at ground level and connected by flexible pipe work to the building chilled water circuit, the existing chiller was then isolated and the temporary chiller commissioned and made operational, this was left running for several days to check reliability before the existing chiller was de-commissioned.

Due to the construction of the building we were unable to lift the existing chiller through the roof aperture and it had to be de-commissioned and broken down into smaller manageable sections.

The new chiller had to be carefully selected for its technical suitability and physical size, a Daikin unit was eventually chosen with a clearance of 40mm either side of the existing aperture.

On the day of installation a large crane was positioned outside the building, the old chiller was removed in sections and taken from site for safe disposal, the new chiller was carefully lifted from the delivery vehicle and checked for vertical alignment as we only had clearance of 40mm either side of the roof aperture.

The lift proceeded and the chiller was installed onto its base with no issue or complications, the pipe work was then re-connected and the chiller commissioned.

The installation was completed within one month on budget and to schedule

La Fornaia Bakery

“Aircon Services improved working conditions very successfully.”

David Harrison, La Fornaia


300 staff at specialist bakers La Fornaia were wilting in temperatures 10° centigrade higher than ambient. At their 54,000 square foot bakery in Park Royal, London, air conditioning was going to be prohibitively expensive.

We were asked to cool the bakery by 6deg; to 10deg;, and keep costs to a minimum.

We installed programmable Evaporative Cooling systems into the Bread Plant, Packaging and Assembly Areas. We generated 100% fresh, cooled and filtered air, healthier working conditions and huge savings on conventional air conditioning.

Working conditions are comfortable – we cooled the bakery by around 10deg; and kept costs well contained.

Aircon Services improved our productivity and staff comfort. A very successful project.

David Harrison, Projects manager at La Fornaia