Foxprint Services Commercial Printers

“Aircon Services provided a far better environment for our staff especially in the summer months.”

Simon, Jupp, Foxprint Services


24-hour commercial printers Foxprint Services were having difficulties operating at temperatures of up to 26 degrees; centigrade in their 4,000 square foot Pressing Hall. Paper and ink were becoming unstable and staff were uncomfortable.

We were asked to lower temperature and improve moisture control in the Press Hall, while keeping cost and energy consumption to a minimum”

We installed a single Breezair Evaporative Cooling system. It drives 100% fresh, filtered and water-washed air, throughout the workspace, driving the hotter, drier air out of the building. We fitted simple Ducts, and just 8 specialized Plenums.

The 4,000 square foot workspace reduced to 21 degrees centigrade evenly, and the quality of print and ink increased significantly. Staff comfort levels rose too.

Aircon Service’s Breezair systems improved print stability and production quality and was less expensive than air conditioning.

Simon, Jupp, Production Director at Foxprint Services