La Fornaia Bakery

“Aircon Services improved working conditions very successfully.”

David Harrison, La Fornaia


300 staff at specialist bakers La Fornaia were wilting in temperatures 10° centigrade higher than ambient. At their 54,000 square foot bakery in Park Royal, London, air conditioning was going to be prohibitively expensive.

We were asked to cool the bakery by 6deg; to 10deg;, and keep costs to a minimum.

We installed programmable Evaporative Cooling systems into the Bread Plant, Packaging and Assembly Areas. We generated 100% fresh, cooled and filtered air, healthier working conditions and huge savings on conventional air conditioning.

Working conditions are comfortable – we cooled the bakery by around 10deg; and kept costs well contained.

Aircon Services improved our productivity and staff comfort. A very successful project.

David Harrison, Projects manager at La Fornaia