Water Chiller Installation

Aircon Services has replaced the existing R22 water chiller in the Rodney Porter Building on the Oxford University Campus with a Daikin air cooled EWAQ150DAYN.

On Friday the redundant unit was de-commissioned and the R22 refrigerant reclaimed for safe disposal, the chilled water pipe work was disconnected, along with the mains power supply.

On Monday morning 07:00 the crane arrived to install the new chiller, due to the position of the unit and the surrounding buildings we had to employ the services of a specialist lifting company and a mobile tower crane, the old unit was safely lifted from its base and the new Daikin unit installed.

On Tuesday through to Thursday the pipe work was altered to suit the new layout and welded in situ using our own pipe fitters.

On Friday the system was then flushed and pressure tested and refilled with a mixture of water and inhibiter.

The following Monday the power supply was altered to suit the new layout and an external isolator fitted adjacent to the machine, this was then connected to the chiller and tested to current regulations.

On Tuesday once all the mechanical and electrical works had been completed the chiller was commissioned by the supplier Space Air Ltd.

The chiller was de-commissioned on a Friday and up and running by Tuesday the following week.