Martin-Baker Aircraft Company

“Aircon Services improved staff morale, and delivered cost effective Cooling.”

Graham Dumbleton, Martin-Baker


Martin-Baker Case Study

Martin-Baker Aircraft Company were experiencing temperatures of up to 40deg; Centigrade in various buildings at their Denham manufacturing site, and were also looking to improve their electrical efficiency. The company has a 22 acre site, making ejection seats and aviator survival equipment.

We were asked to cool various departments such as Auto Anodising, None Destructive Tests (NDT), the Kitchen (43deg; Centigrade), Sewing Room, Parachute Packing and Offices. All the departments required different approaches for the provision of ‘Cooled’ air.

We installed Evaporative Cooling and Extraction systems. This generated 100% fresh, filtered air, healthier working conditions and around 80% savings on conventional air conditioning. We fitted each department with a different air supply, with simple Ducts, specialized Plenums, Polymer Grilles, and bespoke Ventilation Socks.

All departments were cooled to around 21° Centigrade, including the Kitchen. The Ventilation ‘Socks’ provided cooled air virtually draft free.

Aircon Service’s Evaporative Cooling systems improved staff morale. It’s been very cost effective and should be expanded into other areas.

Graham Dumbleton, Site Manager at Martin-Baker