Air Conditioning Installation In London At The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries

Aircon Services were approached to find a suitable solution to provide a comfort cooling & heating to the Great Hall at The Worshipful Society of Apothecaries a Grade 1 Listed building located within the heart of the City of London.

The Problem

Air conditioning installation in London with survey and designThe Great Hall dates back to 1671 when it was rebuilt after the Great Fire of London and is lined with Irish Oak panelling of the same age. Therefore great care & consideration was needed so as not to damage or spoil the fabric of the room whilst discreetly providing sufficient cooling & heating for seminars and meetings.

Investigative Survey

Aircon Services undertook a full and thorough site survey, revealing long forgotten service ducts for possible pipe routes, electrical distribution boards hidden behind panelling’s and suitable obscure locations for external plant equipment.

Governing Factors For Equipment Choice

Our choice of equipment for this project was based upon the physical dimensions of the internal & external units to meet the constraints of this particular project. As the Great Hall is often used for seminars & meetings noise levels of the internal & external units was a huge consideration and with a maximum sound pressure level of 35dBA per indoor unit Daikin met the desired criteria. Energy efficiency ratings are always a factor and by utilising the most modern Inverter technology helped to achieve this.

Reliability, longevity and aftersales support are a must.


Aircon Services supplied, installed and commissioned 1No. Daikin RXYQ10 VRV3 2pipe air cooled Inverter driven condensing unit, discreetly mounted upon a ‘Big Foot’ support system out of sight on the roof. Coupled to 4No. Daikin FXNQ63 floor mounted chassis type Heat/Cool units each offering a total cooling capacity of 5.60kW and a heating capacity of 6.60kW culminating in a combined total cooling capacity of 22.40kW and a combined total heating capacity of 26.40kW.

The interconnecting refrigeration pipe work, services and indoor units were installed behind the old Irish Oak panelling. Great care, skill and thoughtfulness was taken by our experienced engineers in undertaking this task and great credit was bestowed upon them by the Beadle of the Apothecaries at a ‘Topping Out’ ceremony that he had organised for them as thanks for a job well done, delivered on time with a minimum of fuss or disruption and within budget.