Oxford University

“The installation was completed within one month on budget and to schedule.”

Oxford University

We were approached by Oxford University to replace an existing 400Kw Carrier water chiller in one of the campus buildings that had reached the end of its economical life cycle.

The building has a 24hour year round requirement for cooling and we had to come up with a way of maintaining cooling whilst the chiller was replaced.

This was achieved by the installation of a temporary water chiller and pump set mounted externally at ground level and connected by flexible pipe work to the building chilled water circuit, the existing chiller was then isolated and the temporary chiller commissioned and made operational, this was left running for several days to check reliability before the existing chiller was de-commissioned.

Due to the construction of the building we were unable to lift the existing chiller through the roof aperture and it had to be de-commissioned and broken down into smaller manageable sections.

The new chiller had to be carefully selected for its technical suitability and physical size, a Daikin unit was eventually chosen with a clearance of 40mm either side of the existing aperture.

On the day of installation a large crane was positioned outside the building, the old chiller was removed in sections and taken from site for safe disposal, the new chiller was carefully lifted from the delivery vehicle and checked for vertical alignment as we only had clearance of 40mm either side of the roof aperture.

The lift proceeded and the chiller was installed onto its base with no issue or complications, the pipe work was then re-connected and the chiller commissioned.

The installation was completed within one month on budget and to schedule

La Fornaia Bakery

“Aircon Services improved working conditions very successfully.”

David Harrison, La Fornaia


300 staff at specialist bakers La Fornaia were wilting in temperatures 10° centigrade higher than ambient. At their 54,000 square foot bakery in Park Royal, London, air conditioning was going to be prohibitively expensive.

We were asked to cool the bakery by 6deg; to 10deg;, and keep costs to a minimum.

We installed programmable Evaporative Cooling systems into the Bread Plant, Packaging and Assembly Areas. We generated 100% fresh, cooled and filtered air, healthier working conditions and huge savings on conventional air conditioning.

Working conditions are comfortable – we cooled the bakery by around 10deg; and kept costs well contained.

Aircon Services improved our productivity and staff comfort. A very successful project.

David Harrison, Projects manager at La Fornaia