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Air source heat pumps: propane as an ecological solution

Different refrigerants with different classifications are used according to the requirements of the unit. As a rule, the designation starts with an R for “refrigerant”, followed by a combination of numbers that provides information about the molecular composition of the refrigerant. All types of refrigerants are labelled with a GWP value. GWP stands for Global Warming Potential and indicates the greenhouse potential compared to CO2. That is why people often talk about the CO2 equivalent in this context and the impact that air source heat pumps or air conditioning can have.

Propane – the natural, climate-friendly refrigerant for air source heat pumps
Propane is considered to be one of the most ecologically compatible refrigerants. It is a hydrocarbon and is known in the refrigeration industry as the natural refrigerant R290. Although propane is not a new development, as it has been used in a whole range of units over recent decades. its use as a refrigerant is on the rise again as a result of the current focus on climate protection. What sets propane apart is that it combines excellent thermodynamic properties with a low GWP value of just 3 which means that your air source heating installation will be cleaner than ever.

In other words, 1 kg of propane is equivalent to only 3 kg of CO2. Therefore, this refrigerant does not contribute directly to the greenhouse effect. Air Con services are harnessing these properties to use and install heat pumps even more environmentally compatible and future-proof, we take our obligations to a safer and cleaner environment seriously.