EU-wide consultation looks to accelerate heat pump use

One consideration in the conclusion is a call for ‘accessible financing’ to encourage the increased installation of heat pumps both in individual properties as well as for district heating solutions. One major area for funding would be in the case of lower oncome households and individuals at risk of fuel poverty.

They are also calling for firm commitments to be introduced that would end the installation of standalone fossil fuel heating systems and phase out the installation of standalone boilers from 2029

The objective to install at least 10 million additional heat pumps by 2027

Although this is an EU intitive it is expected to be adopted by Britain – this in light of The House of Lords Environment and Climate Change Committee who has published a letter describing the Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) that provides households with grants to install heat pumps as ‘seriously failing

In 2021, less than 2% of UK homes had low-carbon heating systems. Around 50,000 heat pumps were installed in the UK that year. The government is aiming for a target of 600,000 installations a year

Other issues included
There are currently very few certified heat pump installers compared to gas boiler fitters.
A lack of consumer advice means people are unfamiliar with heat pump technologies, and the installation process is regarded as overly complex.
Issues with how Energy Performance Certificates (EPCs) categorise the efficiency of heat pumps, and concerns that inaccurate EPCs may disqualify households that should be eligible.
Heat pump manufacturers and installers are not expanding at the rate needed to meet the target of 600,000 installations per year.

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